Brian Erickson

Event producer, restaurant consultant, and Tedx speaker, Erickson co-owned three restaurants in the DC Metro area before relocating to Austin in 2011. From washing dishes at Pizza Hut as a teenager, to running his own restaurant and bars 15 years later, the food business is in his blood.

After migrating to the Lone Star State and selling his restaurants, he founded Trucklandia which hosts an annual $10,000 food truck competition that has taken place in the city for the past three years, and has benefitted local non-profits such as Austin Food for Life and Keep Austin Fed.

When he's not producing his own events, he provides event support for national clients including Verizon, Tracking Point, and the National Athletic Alliance.

Less a cook, more a team builder, he passionately believes that everyone deserves to have a life and business they love, and the good food to go along with it! Because of this, he hosts an online show, "The Brick & Butter Zone," which encourages, equips, and inspires Foodpreneurs to create effective and powerful businesses.

He sees Unwashed Food Festival as not only an exciting opportunity for local chefs to connect with new customers, but for them to see their products on the store shelves.

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