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I Want to Be Unwashed

We need your help.

We want to create food that is perfected in chefs’ kitchens, not produced in the labs of big food conglomerates. So we gave a challenge to Austin’s favorite chefs—we asked each of them to create the recipe for a product they think should be on a grocery store shelf. We then asked them to make samples for people to taste at The Great Unwashed Food Festival .

That’s where you come in. If you love discovering new foods, talking to chefs, and supporting some of Austin’s top restaurants, please join us at the Great Unwashed Food Festival. For $15, you’ll get to meet some of Austin’s best chefs, sample their creations, and vote for the ones you like the best. We’ll then work with the top vote-getters to package their foods and bring them to market.

It sounds simple, and it is. But your attendance, and your votes, will make you part of a movement to reshape the future of food.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email us at

Unwashed Food is based in Austin, TX.

Ticket Reminder

Tickets are limited (honest—we promised the chefs they’d only have to feed a limited number of the Great Unwashed).

If you’d like us to email a reminder to you when tickets go on sale, please email us at

The Great Unwashed Food Festival

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